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Turbomachinery maintenance

Client: SOCAR’s Azneft Production Union
Contractor: Glensol
Location: 6 offshore stations
Scope of work: Routine maintenance and inspection of Gas Turbine Driven packages :

  • Gas Turbine removal, installation and commissioning
  • Compressor removal, installation and commissioning
  • Compressor Dry Gas Seal and bearing replacement
  • Gas Turbine overhaul (on partners’ facility)
  • Compressor overhaul (on partners’ facility)
  • Spare part provision as well as inventory management
  • Technical supervision and project management
  • Development of maintenance routines
  • Multidisciplinary engineering support
  • Remote condition monitoring
  • Package retrofits and modifications
  • On-call Field Services
  • Shaft Alignment
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Borescope Inspections