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Construction and project management company operating in the energy industry and construction market in the Caspian region. 

Prokon, founded in 2012, provides professional services in construction, engineering, procurement and integrated management of major projects in the Azerbaijani market.

Since its inception, it has earned itself the reputation of a company with "experienced staff and proven systems”, which enables it to complete projects with high quality, safely, on time and within budget. Prokon is proud of its track record of high-level customer service, commitment to work, successful project implementation and conscientious employees.
The company’s strengths include not only the quality and depth of knowledge and skills of its carefully selected professional and technical staff, but also the judicious and proactive approach to work. The project team always acts in the interests of the customer and exercises control over costs, demonstrating professionalism throughout the project.
Prokon gains a clear understanding of the client’s vision and expectations, and approaches the project from this perspective. The company develops an understanding of the customer’s business, budget goals, delivery deadlines and decision-making process. To ensure the successful implementation of the project, Prokon selects the most appropriate project management techniques for each project, along with construction workers and consultants. The company’s management approach and the presence of qualified construction professionals contribute to the project being delivered safely, on time, within budget and above customer expectations.


Company portfolio

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Project management
  • MRO
  • Warehouse and materials management
  • Fabrication


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