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Nobel Oil Services took part in Job Fair to support young people with limited abilities


Nobel Oil Services took part in a Job Fair intended for young people with limited abilities.

“We believe that socially responsible employers should use their resources to integrate people with limited abilities into the labor market by offering them relevant conditions. At Nobel Oil Services we pay careful attention to people with disabilities and continually strive to ensure working environment where they can express their strengths. Within the group of companies we employ about 90 people related to the category of vulnerable members of society and after this fair we expect to attract new candidates”, said Ellada Alishova, Group HR Manager of Nobel Oil.

“We met a lot of talented and enthusiastic young people and we are glad to provide an opportunity for their career development. We also would like to thank the organizers for arranging a platform for those who to seek opportunities for employment”, she added.

During the event, Nobel Oil Services representatives presented to the students the company’s activities and informed the candidates of available vacancies. Nobel Oil Services received dozens of applications from undergraduates and recent graduates from which several candidates were selected for the first round interviews.

Nobel Oil Services places great emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility and is constantly looking for opportunities to contribute into community it operates in.

Nobel Oil Services is a diversified group of companies specialized in oil and gas industry. Companies operating within Nobel Oil Services provide drilling, construction and project management as well as equipment maintenance, procurement and enhanced oil recovery services, successfully expanding their activities in these fields.

Nobel Oil Services adheres to the highest standards of both operational and financial performance. Nobel Oil holds a “Transparent Tax Partner” status granted by the Ministry of Taxes for the transparent financial performance.