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ADA University students were awarded certificates for successfully completing an internship program at The Nobel Oil Group of Companies


Vugar Samadli, CEO of Nobel Oil Services awarded certificates to ADA University students for successfully completing an internship program at The Nobel Oil Group of Companies in the frame of the Virtual CEO Talks series hosted by the University in May 2020.

The virtual CEO Talk was hosted by ADA University for its students and alumni. The virtual project’s main idea was to provide students with insights into Top Executive and Senior Management’s personal and academic backgrounds, practical experience, success stories, and useful career-building guidelines. As a result of CEO Talks, students were awarded internships at Nobel Oil Services.

On September 11, 2020 Vugar Samadli met with students in honor of successful completion of their internship period. During the meeting, Vugar Samadli congratulated the students and wished them successful career. In his speech, he urged the students not to be afraid of challenging tasks and always work on their soft skills and work ethics. During candid talks, the students thanked Vugar Samadli for such valuable opportunity and shared their experience at The Nobel Oil Group of Companies. The meeting followed by small award ceremony where the students received their certificates for completing the internship.

Nobel Oil Services is a diversified group of companies engaged in the oil, gas, and energy industries. Companies operating within the Nobel Oil Services group provide a wide range of services, including drilling, construction and project management, equipment maintenance, procurement, enhanced oil recovery services, and successfully expanding their activities in these fields.