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Why you shouldn’t just rely on online CV makers

Quite a few people ask if online CV generators really work.

Well, when it comes to job searching, your CV is vital. If you get it right, you will land a job interview very soon. If you get it wrong, be ready to face the unpleasant consequences.

There are tons of online CV makers and free resume samples on the net some of which look really cool. However, if you use only the layout and wording offered by an automated CV generator your CV lacks one vital thing – organicness.

Organic means, it has the skill(s) that put you ahead of your competitors. It also means, your CV has measurables and quantifiables letting hiring managers see how well you would meet their needs.

The executive summary part of your CV is very important too. It needs to tell a story. Your organic, true story.

Businesses are always after people who would help them increase their performance. They treat CVs very seriously. This is why, you need to craft a few, genuine lines that would illustrate how much value your achievements have added to the success of your previous experiences.

Last but not least, no CV builder suggests what format is best for your case. So you also need to put your resume into an appropriate setup.

While most employers prefer the chronological format (summary-experience-education-references), you would get the best out of your CV with functional layout (objective- accomplishments-capabilities-employment-history-education-references) if you are a fresh graduate, have a short career or lengthy breaks in your experience.

So, if you want to sell your CV you shouldn’t just rely on online CV builders.